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Rising birthrates and life expectancy, global education and health, democratizing technologies, demands for transparency and social justice, urbanization, climate change, economic interconnectedness and power shifts – an environment where transformative leaders emerge. With a Global MPP degree...

It's your time to make a difference.


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other players follow.

Governments, NGOs, non-profits, and private global organizations all seek professionals with solid analytical skills, deep knowledge of multi-sectoral issues, evidence-based policy practices, cross-cultural experience, collaborative leadership skills, and a strategic innovation mindset. With a Global MPP degree...

Impactful decisions need your expertise.



Relationships. Relationships.

As both student & alumni, your relationships will hold the most enduring value. Ongoing engagement and friendships, advice and assistance, opportunities through extended connections, loyalty and trust, motivation,  positive influence, and access to key decision-makers. With a Global MPP degree...

Your HKU and USC networks will endure.

One degree. Two top-ranked universities.

Master of Global Public Policy designed and conferred by:

Hong Kong University (HKU) + University of Southern California (USC) 

Busy Professionals Walking with MPP degree

The Global Executive's Launchpad

Designed for working professionals, this 15-month program spans four academic semesters and consists of four in-person sessions in both Los Angeles and Greater China.

  • Globally-oriented curriculum and faculty.
  • International cohort diverse in sectors, industries & roles.
  • Flexible schedule with 40% facilitated online.
  • Residencies in Los Angeles and Greater China.
  • Professional network across continents and universities.
  • Progressive learning models and technologies.

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Global Problem Analysis and Solution Design with MPP degree

Global Problem Analysis
 Solution Design

  • Navigate the increasingly globalized and complex policy world. 

  • Diagnose global problems that impact economics and quality of life. 

  • Apply theoretical and evidence-based policy design skills.

  • Create positive changes through policy advocacy and strategic actions.

  • Design socially innovative and impactful solutions. 

Decision Making Economic and Data Analysis with MPP Degree

Decision-Making through
Economic & Data Analysis

  • Interpret both micro and macroeconomics in public policy, growth and stability. 

  • Compare strengths and limitations of multiple methods of data analysis to best inform critical decisions.

  • Apply multivariate econometric and cost-benefit analysis methods to address a real-world global problem. 

  • Analyze the design, operation and performance of varying institutions.

Intercultural Communication Collaborative Leadership with MPP Degree

Intercultural Communication
Collaborative Leadership

  • Understand the organizations and individuals involved in policy making with focus on greater Asia and North America.

  • Examine how government, business, state enterprises and NGOs collaborate to address societal problems.

  • Differentiate the values, cultures and positions that influence public policy to determine the best collaborative and leadership approaches. 

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5 Essential Skills for Leaders in Global Public Policy

CVR_5_Essential_Skills_for_Global_Public_Policy_Leaders.jpgPublic policy exists in the space where evidence-based practices and science intersect with socio-economic infrastructure, and the political will to affect change. Global leaders in public policy need to understand how these systems interact and influence one another. In order to achieve facility in public policy analysis, leaders embody and look for employees with certain skills.

featured at:
HKU-USC-IPPA Conference on Public Policy - 2016

Coping with Policy Complexity in the Globalized World

Symposia to be published in:


Asia Pacific Journal of Public Administration
Challenges and Capacities of Governance in the Globalized World


The APJPA is a scholarly double blind peer-reviewed journal dedicated to promoting the study, research and enhancement of public governance, policy, administration and management in and beyond Asia and the Pacific.

Public Administration Review
Coping with Policy Complexity in the Globalized World


Public Administration Review (PAR) is the premiere
public administration professional journal globally.