Lucy Jordan
Assistant Professor
Department of Social Work and Social Administration,
Faculty of Social Sciences, University of Hong Kong
Global MPP Course: Leadership in Public-Private Partnership
Phone: +(852) 3917 1094
Expertise: Social Policy and development, social protection strategies, poverty reduction, family and youth studies, migration and immigration.
Dr. Lucy Jordan (Assistant Professor, Department of Social Work and Social Administration, University of Hong Kong) works at the intersection of social policy and population studies. Her professional and research experience emphasizes market-state-civil society strategies to address social protection needs and vulnerabilities of families and youth. The overarching question driving Dr. Jordan’s scholarship and practice is to understand how government policies and practices influence and impact on intimate family life. Current research focuses on migration and the family in emerging economies of Asia including China, Hong Kong, Indonesia, Nepal and the Philippines. Dr Jordan draws on her professional practice, research and academic training in curriculum development and teaching.