Meet Our Faculty

The Global MPP faculty develop ideas and with those ideas research, public policy and transformational leaders to impact an inter-connected world. Drawn from around the Pacific Rim, faculty make significant contributions to research and education in policy areas such as fiscal stability, global development, urbanization, social justice, and environmental sustainability among many others. They provide leadership at the World Bank, G20, Pacific Rim Council on Urban Development, USAID, United Nations Development Program, Brookings Institution, Institution for International Finance, Center for China and the World Economy, the International Monetary Institute, among many other global institutions.
Antonio Bento
Professor and Chair
USC Price School of Public Policy Department of Policy Analysis and Real Estate
Expertise: Environmental and energy economics, transportation policy, climate policy, environmental regulation
Richard W. HU .png
Richard W. Hu
Professor, Head Department of Politics and Public Adminstration
Faculty of Social Sciences, University of Hong Kong 
Expertise: East Asia regional integration, Chinese foreign relations, Sino-U.S. realtions, and cross-strait relations 
Eric Heikkila.png
Erick Heikkila
Professor, Director of International Initiatives 
USC Price School of Public Policy
Expertise: Urban Development, economic development, East Asian cities, urban economics, urban information systems 
Assistant Professor
Faculty of Social Science, University of Hong Kong Expertise:Social Policy and development, social protection strategies, poverty reduction, family studies, immigration
Associate Dean (Innovation) of Social Sciences
Faculty of Social Sciences, University of Hong Kong
Expertise: Sustainable development, common-pool resource management, institutional policy analysis, public governance
Professor, Department of Geography
Faculty of Social Sciences,University of Hong Kong
Expertise: Urban Planning; Sustainable Cities; and Modern Environmentalism
Assistant Professor
USC Price School of Public Policy
Expertise: Economic development, science and technology policy, workforce policy
Professor, Director Price Center for Social Innovation
USC Price School of Public Policy
Expertise: Urban economics, education policy, homeownership, housing markets, public finance
Assistant Professor
USC Price School of Public Policy
Expertise: Public finance, tax compliance, policy salience, applied microeconomics
Frances R. & John J. Duggan Prof. in Public Administration
USC Price School of Public Policy
Expertise: Environmental policy, organizational commitment, institutional analysis, microcredit, common-pool resources
Professor of Practice in Finance and Public Policy
School of Business, University of Hong Kong
Expertise: Policy research in China, macroeconomics, exchange rate, finance, restructuring of enterprises
Assistant Professor
Faculty of Social Sciences, University of Hong Kong
Expertise: Transportation-Land Use-Urban form nexus, travel behaviour, transportation and economic development
Richard Parks 
Executive Director 
Global Master of Public Policy Program
USC Price School of Public Policy
University of Southern California
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Los Angeles, CA 90089-0626
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