Global MPP Degree


Societal shifts.
Your breakthrough.

Rising birthrates and life expectancy, global education and health, democratizing technologies, demands for transparency and social justice, urbanization, climate change, economic interconnectedness and power shifts – an environment where transformative leaders emerge. With a Global MPP degree...

It's your time to make a difference.


Be the leader 
other leaders follow.

Governments, NGOs, non-profits, and private global organizations all seek professionals with solid analytical skills, deep knowledge of multi-sectoral issues, evidence-based policy practices, cross-cultural experience, collaborative leadership skills, and a strategic innovation mindset. With a Global MPP degree...

Impactful decisions need your expertise.



Relationships. Relationships.

Faculty and fellow students bring a rich array of professional experience and connections. You will meet influential decision-makers throughout the program. The lifelong friendships and global network of connections you gain will hold enduring value. With a Global MPP degree...


Lifelong friendships, career-long benefits.